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What Our Students Are Saying...

"I joined The Jewcurious School a few months ago as a way to find a greater sense of community to study Torah and to learn more about conversion to Judaism. I live in an area where the only synagogue does not have a rabbi and only has retired people as members, so it seemed good to extend my community online. Of course, anyone can study by themselves, but it just is not the same as having fellow students who are on the same level as you and a rabbi who loves to teach. I still do a lot of reading about Judaism on my own, but now I can share fascinating things I learn with others and get their perspective on them, while they also share with me. Both the students and Rabbi John are very supportive and nonjudgmental, something which I did not always find to be the case in social media groups of converts. Besides studying Torah and a conversion class, there is a never-ending stream of other classes being taught, about Israel, Jewish holidays, and other interesting subjects. Rabbi John is an enthusiastic teacher, very knowledgeable, and good at making the teaching relevant to the students’ interests. He is always open to questions and suggestions, but he also encourages people to think for themselves. Joining The Jewcurious School has made my journey into Judaism more enjoyable and informative."

-Larry from Arizona

Is The Jewcurious School Right For You?


  • You belong to a synagogue that meets your needs, where you feel comfortable and have friends
  • You have a personal relationship with a rabbi who knows you and makes the time to give you actionable advice on your Jewish journey
  • You find clear answers to your Jewish questions easily from sources you trust
  • You have friends and family that share and support your Jewish studies
  • You live in an area that is rich with Jewish religious & cultural opportunities  

Then...The Jewcurious School may not be right for you. HOWEVER, if...

  • You can't find a rabbi to study with: There aren't any close by, they don't answer your calls or emails, or they're too busy for regular meetings with you
  • You can't find friends or a community who share your Jewish interests, and your own friends and family are skeptical about your curiosity
  • You're afraid of feeling judged, bewildered, or ignored when you enter Jewish spaces

Then...The Jewcurious School might be just what you've been waiting for.

If you've experienced one of all of these roadblocks, then you know how stressful it can be. And it's not just frustrating in the moment when you fail to connect: You're worried this roadblock may be a permanent one, and you'll never get your questions answered.

You're worried this may be the end of the road you took because you wanted a deeper understanding of Judaism.  

Maybe you're worried because your heart is telling you that you belong among the Jewish people, but your head (or your family, or some rabbi) tells you it's not possible, and that you should stop wasting your time.  

After all, you don't need to be Jewish, learn Jewish wisdom, or do Jewish things to be a good person. 

But does this answer fully satisfy you?  

Do you really want to give up on that dream?  

Can you really ignore that call?

If any of this sounds like you or how you have been feeling, you should know that The Jewcurious School was made for you.  

  • 2 live classes per week - one on the weekly Torah reading, one based on the topic of the month.
  • New topics each month taking a deep dive into areas of Jewish wisdom and practice, such as: God, Israel, Jewish Prayer, Jewish Holidays, and more.
  • A growing archive of recorded classes for students to access at their own pace, 24/7/365.
  • Access to a thriving private Community area to discuss the classes, meet people just like you, ask questions and get support from people on the same path.
  • Access to a friendly rabbi who converted to Judaism as an adult, learning everything from scratch starting 18 years ago, and understands where you're coming from.

Because this is a place for all kinds of Jewcurious people:

  • People who are considering conversion to Judaism, or have recently converting and want to keep learning.
  • People who were born Jewish, haven't been to a synagogue in a while (or ever), but are curious about coming back to the community of their birthright.
  • People who are committed to other religions, but want to dig deeper into the Jewish roots of their own faith.

And we come together from all over the world for learning, community, friendship, understanding, and meaning in an environment free from judgment, barriers, and stress.  

So...are you with us?

Weekly Torah: LIVE Discussion of the Torah Portion of the Week (Recorded for Your Convenience)

Build your learning habit and get together with friends to discuss the same readings being studied by millions of Jewish (and Jewcurious) people around the world.

Each week we gather live online to discuss the parashat hashavuah (weekly Torah portion) and learn how its wisdom can improve our lives in practical ways today.

 (And of course, every session is recorded so you get access to all replays.)

New Mini-Courses Monthly

But don't let the name "Mini" fool you...

Each month we take a deep dive into an area of Jewish wisdom, tradition, or practical skill so that you can have greater understanding and feel more confident and "in-the-know" in Jewish spaces.

These Mini-Courses are structured as weekly live seminars online, with plenty of time for Q&A. Upcoming topics include: Torah, Israel, Jewish Holidays, and more. They are also recorded for you to review at your own pace, on your own schedule. 

Coming this month: Introduction to Judaism Class Begins

Plus, You'll Get Unlimited Access to a Community of Jewcurious People, Just Like You

Connect with students from all walks of life, now sharing the same path.

An ancient tradition of Jewish learning is hevruta: Studying Torah and Jewish wisdom not just with a teacher, but also with peers at your own level.

These friends can help you see what you are learning with fresh eyes, provide moral support on your journey, and benefit from what you learn and share with them.

(Our private Community forum is also free from the spam, trolling, and security concerns some students experience with Facebook.)

You Have a Guide, but You're in the Driver's Seat

This is your journey, your story, and YOU are the Hero. 

Your Dashboard will show you all the options you have available to you in The Jewcurious School, but here, you get to "Choose Your Own Adventure."

Dive into one of our Mini-Courses, connect to a live Torah class, jump into the Community to join a conversation...or start one of your own! It's entirely up to you.

(But don't worry...Whatever path you choose, you have a rabbi and a community to support you and cheer you on!)

Carefully Designed with You in Mind

Designed to learn how you learn best, wherever you are & wherever you go.

The Jewcurious School is 100% web-based, carefully designed to work with your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and accessible anywhere with an internet connection.

Furthermore, each lesson is structured with a multimedia approach to be accessible to a variety of individual learning styles.

Whether you learn best from video, audio recordings, reading text, or having a live lecture or discussion, you will find your own "way in" to Jewish wisdom in The Jewcurious School.

No more worrying about how far it is to the closest synagogue.  

No more worrying about the high cost that often comes with belonging to Jewish institutions.  

No more worrying about whether other people think you belong.  

No more worrying about whether you can find a rabbi who's willing to make time for you.  

There's No Risk with The Jewcurious School's Money-Back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

You can get live classes twice a week, PLUS all the features we offer like archived classes you can access 24/7/365, an active community of fellow students, and more starting at $36 a month.

And there’s absolutely no risk to join. Every membership is backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee.  

Sign up for any membership today, and if you’re not completely convinced that The Jewcurious School is the best, least-stress way to connect with a rabbi who gets you, a community of people just like you, and learning that will help you build a life of greater meaning, joy, human connection, and personal growth, simply let us know during the first 30 days, and The Jewcurious School will refund your entire tuition. 

You can get started with The Jewcurious School right now below. We'll see you at our next LIVE class!